19. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Brilliant beer. Simply fantastic. And if it was more common and easy to find, it would most definitely be added to my “any time, any day” list of beers. The correct amount of bitterness to contrast the slightly citrus notes. I definitely want to try more beers from Sierra Nevada – and definitely more of their pale ale.


3. Murray Honey Wheat

Honey seems to be a popular adjunct to include with wheat beers. Probably because it can add some very subtle notes to the aroma depending on what kind of honey you use. Mildura Brewery uses “Orange Blossom” in their locally brewed Wheat Beer. Although it only comes through very subtly.

This brew does have a zesty mouthfeel and, while having a low bitterness, it does make use of Pride of Ringwood hops (same hops as Cooper’s Pale Ale) but in considerably different amounts and boil times as the zesty bitterness doesn’t linger around spoiling the¬†aftertaste.

I had expected a strong honey or hops aroma.¬†While not a bad drop, it isn’t as flavourful as I would like.


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