22. Sierra Nevada “Torpedo” Extra IPA

I love the aroma of the Citra hops that really hits you when you open this bottle. As expected, high on the bitterness scale but no bad aftertaste that sticks around, at least not after one bottle. Not sure this would work as a session beer, but one or two to start the night or over a meal would work well.


15. Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Very sharp some-what fruity flavours (could be passionfruit?), subtle bitterness and very refreshing. Aftertaste lingers a little it’s nothing horrible. I’m not sure how well those fruit/passionfruit tones would sit after more then 2-3. But would be a good drop during a bbq over summer.


6. 4 Pines Pale Ale

One of the hops this Pale Ale uses is Citra. And it certainly lives up to it’s flavour profile with this brew. The citrus and spicy zing that hits you when you first take a sip is fantastically suited to its deep amber colour.

Despite it’s use of a 5 kinds of hops, this brew still has a seemingly lighter mouthfeel then you’d expect from a pale ale. The bitterness is up there, at 35IBU. But with the strong citrus hops, the bitterness had to be upped to balance out the flavours.

Lightly carbonated, but clearly this was perfected through various incarnations of the brew. I feel that if it had any more or less CO2, the citrus and spiced notes would pop way too much, or not at all.

A fantastic addition to anyone’s fridge of regulars.


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