The Case of The Missing Icons

Often after Mac OS X updates my items on the desktop and within folders are… Lacking something.

Where's my icon?!

After some searching I discovered how to restore life to these bland, lifeless items.

lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain user;killall Finder;echo \
“Open With has been rebuilt, Finder will relaunch”

When Boot Camp Assistant Won’t Play Nice

Boot Camp Assistant stalls when partitioning. Disk Utility is unable to format the drive.

Previously had partitioned the drive with Boot Camp Assistant, but ended up deleting the partition with Disk Utility. That was a mistake as Disk utility doesn’t seem to be able to handle CoreStoreage Logical Volume Groups that BCA creates to handle a 3TB drive.

List out the CoreStorage LVG:

diskutil cs list

Take the UUID of your primary drive and delete the LVG:

diskutiil cs delete [UUID]

Disk Utility was then able to format, and BCA was able to properly partition the drive.

Information Sources

7 Years 25 Weeks

That’s how long I’ve run this website. Probably the longest running commitment I’ve done in over the course of my life. Many times there’s been periods of inactivity due to many various reasons, the most recent of those being a lack of interest in updating a site that hasn’t really changed in 7 years 25 weeks.

This current incarnation served a purpose over the years. But as the way friends communicate changes, many the features of this site become less and less relevant.

Hopefully the next incarnation of this site will continue on for another 7 years 25 weeks.

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