22. Sierra Nevada “Torpedo” Extra IPA

I love the aroma of the Citra hops that really hits you when you open this bottle. As expected, high on the bitterness scale but no bad aftertaste that sticks around, at least not after one bottle. Not sure this would work as a session beer, but one or two to start the night or over a meal would work well.


21. Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner

Sits well, but is lacking something that would keep me returning to this brew. Would work alright as a session beer, but why drink an expensive beer in-excess?


20. Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

I’m not a dark beer drinker as they don’t sit well with me. However I could stand small amounts of this brew, but not a whole bottle. Perhaps with the right food pairing I could grow to love it, but not right now.


19. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Brilliant beer. Simply fantastic. And if it was more common and easy to find, it would most definitely be added to my “any time, any day” list of beers. The correct amount of bitterness to contrast the slightly citrus notes. I definitely want to try more beers from Sierra Nevada – and definitely more of their pale ale.


18. James Squire’s “One Fifty Lashes”

James Squire's One Fifty Lashes Pale AleWhile I really dig Cooper’s Pale Ale, sometimes it just doesn’t sit well over the course of a night. In my quest to find a session pale ale, I picked up James Squire’s new One Fifty Lashes.

A bit lacking in the flavour hit and almost sweet overtones. It sits okay over several beers but I can’t help but feel it’s missing something in the flavour and aroma department.


17. Carlsberg Elephant

I imagine there’s a group of Europeans that absolutely love this beer. But it’s the same type of people that love Toohey’s Extra Dry Platinum’s here in Australia. So, I guess… Eurobogans?

No aroma and really just an unappealing taste that you wouldn’t want to go through more then once.


16. Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale

Stouts and dark ales just don’t sit well with me. That said, it’s been a long time since I tried either so I thought I’d give a doppelbock a go. Yeah — Nothing changed.

The only aroma I get is from malts, not the hallertau hops used in this brew. And a heavily roasted malt tastes. These two things work together to not sit well with my stomach.


15. Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Very sharp some-what fruity flavours (could be passionfruit?), subtle bitterness and very refreshing. Aftertaste lingers a little it’s nothing horrible. I’m not sure how well those fruit/passionfruit tones would sit after more then 2-3. But would be a good drop during a bbq over summer.


14. Coopers Pale Ale

One of my standards or go-to beers when I walk into a bottle shop. Though I wouldn’t call it a session beer as it can get heavy on the stomach. Quite bitter and yeasty, though not over the top on either. With subtle fruit and hop tones.


13. Well’s Banana Bread Beer

You’ll never guess what the major flavour in this beer is — Wait, how’d you guess?

An interesting flavour combination that doesn’t really sit all that well with me. Not bad, but I’m not rushing out to try it again.


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